Infini Premium MesopenOne II Cartridge 5 pcs.

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Infini Premium MesopenOne II Cartridge 5 pcs.


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Product Code: 9832-22923 Categories , Brand:

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Infini Premium MesopenOne Cartridge 5 pcs< /h1>

Cartridge designed for advanced microneedle mesotherapy, compatible with the Infini Premium MesopenOne II device. It offers a variety of heads, which allows you to adjust the number of needles depending on the needs of a given treatment.

Titanium needles

Durable and resistant to dulling, which ensures their longer life and guarantees effectiveness and comfort during the treatment.

Gold plated needles

They enhance the stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Laser sharpening

Precise, ensuring quick puncture without unwanted skin movements.


Produced nickel-free.

Extremely thin

Designed to minimize pain and the risk of scarring.


Sterilized with EO gas.


  • Microneedle mesotherapy.

Technical specifications:

  • material: titanium
  • hypoallergenicity: no added nickel,
  • needle length: 3 mm.


  • 5 pieces in the selected size.

Available types:

  • Cartridge 12 – intensely stimulating. Perfect for deep wrinkles, lifting, scars and enlarged pores.
  • Cartridge 24 – moderate effect. Recommended for atrophic, delicate and poorly vascularized skin.
  • Cartridge 36 – the most delicate. Recommended for combination with chemical peels, nutritional treatments and the use of coloring concentrates.

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