Dottore Sacha Butter Mango-Papaya Face butter 50ml

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Dottore Sacha Butter Mango-Papaya Face butter 50ml


Product Code: E63B-51400 Categories , Brand:

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Dottore Sacha Butter Mango-Papaya Facial Butter is a product for professional face and neck massage and neckline, recommended for all skin types, even dry, sensitive and allergic. Thanks to the use of as many as 99% of ingredients of natural origin, the preparation delicately and effectively softens and nourishes the skin and prepares it to absorb active ingredients contained in cosmetic preparations applied in subsequent stages of skin care. An additional advantage is the reconstruction of the natural hydrolipid layer that prevents the skin from drying out. The Mango-Papaya variety is a light and refreshing fruity fragrance intended for women.


  • softening of the skin,
  • intense nutrition
  • deep hydration
  • reconstruction of the hydrolipid layer,
  • stimulation of microcirculation,
  • cell oxygenation,
  • for all skin types.


  • Sweet almond oil 5% – moisturizing properties, improving blood circulation
  • Macadamia oil 5% – strong regenerative properties, an antioxidant that softens and smoothes the epidermis,
  • Squalane 5% – obtained from olive oil, a component of sebum that creates a protective filter on the skin, counteracts the aging process,
  • Jojoba oil 5% – a soothing and nourishing ingredient that increases skin elasticity
  • Rose water 5% – an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates skin regeneration and reduces keratinization,
  • Sachca Inchi seed oil 3% – source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; regenerative properties, stimulation of collagen synthesis, reduction of discolorations, acceleration of wound healing and cellulite reduction.


Apply the preparation to the face, neck and cleavage with gentle circular movements, and then perform a comprehensive massage.

Packaging: 50 ml.


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