Revs Pro32 (1x2ml)

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Revs Pro32 (1x2ml)


Product Code: 01OP-54994 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


Revs Pro32

is a Korean preparation intended for tissue biostimulation with a lifting effect.

The highest concentration of hyaluronic acid

Revs Pro32 has one of the highest concentrations of sodium hyaluronate on the market – 64 mg in a pre-filled syringe.

Combination of hyaluronic acid with two molecular masses

By combining two different molecular masses, the product achieves unique results in terms of increasing tissue volume and improving oval.

Fibroblast proliferation

Treatments using Revs Pro32 activate CD44 receptors located on the surface of fibroblasts, which stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastin. The effect of using the product is tight skin.

Reduction of pain sensations

The formula of the preparation allows it to be administered using the 5-point technique, which reduces the feeling of pain to a minimum.


  • lifting,
  • intense hydration
  • tension improvement,
  • wrinkle reduction,
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis.

Area of ??application:

  • face.


  • Hyaluronic acid at a concentration of 32mg/ml
    • a combination of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Ingredients (INCI):

Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride.


  • 1 2 ml pre-filled syringe.

The product may be usedonly by professionals.

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