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Plasma Pen

The combination of technology and the latest discoveries in the field of aesthetic medicine allowed us to create a device that, in a non-invasive way, gives fantastic results, comparable to surgical procedures. Plasma Pen removes undesirable effects changes thanks to the use of plasma and gives visible results after the first treatment.

Plasma Pen is an alternative to invasive treatments –without filling, needles and scalpel .

High comfort of use is ensured by solid and damage-resistant materials used in the construction of the device and an ergonomic, handy shape. Plasma Pen has a larger range of frequencies and levels (3 power levels and 8 frequency levels), automatic mode (operating mode adapted to various types of treatments) and guarantees even greater precision, thanks to appropriate profiling and the smallest tip with an electrode). An additional advantage is the elegant design.

How does Plasma Pen work?

The treatment performed using the Plasma Pen device involves a visible improvement in skin tension, which is the result of sublimation, i.e. the process of evaporation of excess skin. The treatment using Plasma Pen provides a skin lifting effect, eliminates wrinkles, as well as visible lifting of the eyelids, improves the condition of the skin by eliminating scars and reducing stretch marks.

Skin lifting using Plasma Pen is safer compared to CO2 lasers, and the tissues heal faster. Moreover, plasma treatments are less painful. The treatment method is less invasive, faster and more precise than standard plastic surgery – until recently, the only way to remove the effect of drooping eyelids.


  • upper and lower eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty),
  • lifting:
    • eye area
    • neck and chin,
    • lower part of the face
  • treatment of permanent, deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area (smoker’s wrinkles), removal of neck and cleavage wrinkles,
  • reduction of skin laxity – around the elbows, knees, abdomen
  • treatment of acne lesions,
  • removal of acne and post-operative scars
  • removal of stretch marks,
  • removal of skin lesions:
    • fibromas,
    • seborrheic warts
    • warts and others
  • removal of lentigines and stubborn discolorations,
  • reducing the visibility of blood vessels (so-called spider veins).

Advantages of use:

  • improvement noticeable from the first treatment,
  • for all skin types,
  • wide spectrum of action,
  • changes comparable to expensive surgical procedures,
  • ability to work in difficult areas, e.g. eyelids,
  • bactericidal properties – ensuring no complications during the procedure.

Technical specifications:

  • device power levels:24 (3 power levels x 8 frequency levels)
  • input power: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz,
  • device dimensions: 21 cm x 4.5 cm,
  • case dimensions: 27.5 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm,
  • model: Plasma Pen,
  • weight of the device: 0.2 kg,
  • product weight: 1.3 kg.


  • Plasma Pen device,
  • charging base 1 pc
  • power supply,
  • treatment needle 3 pcs
  • treatment tips:
    • round – eye lifting (together with ultrasound gel),
    • flat – lifting (together with ultrasound gel),
    • needle – minor skin lesions.
  • white gloves 2 pcs
  • case
  • instruction
  • warranty card.


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