MD-Matrix – Collagen (10x2ml)

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MD-Matrix – Collagen (10x2ml)


Product Code: 10OP-555F9 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


MD-MATRIX < /span>

is a specialized product created for intensive fight against cellulite and the so-called “Orange peel”. Its basic task is to firm the subcutaneous and microvascular layer of connective tissue and support the elimination of local excess cellulite, especially around the roots of the femoral nerve and the inside of the knee. The key ingredient of the preparation is collagen, which rebuilds and regenerates natural collagen fibers in connective tissue.

Regeneration and firming

Restores and supports the natural collagen structure of connective tissue, firming the skin.

Metabolic stimulation

Citric acid activates cellular metabolism, supporting ATP production.

Improve oxygenation

Nicotinamide, as a strong antioxidant, supports tissue oxygenation and promotes their regeneration.


  • elimination of “orange peel” and cellulite reduction
  • firming and regeneration of the subcutaneous layer of connective tissue,
  • improving the appearance and condition of the skin in areas prone to cellulite.

Area of ??application:

  • area of ??the femoral nerve roots,
  • inside of the knee,
  • other areas affected by cellulite.


  • Collagen – rebuilds collagen fibers, firming and regenerating the skin,
  • Citric acid – activates cellular metabolism, supporting regeneration
  • Nicotinamide – improves tissue oxygenation, has an antioxidant effect.


  • 2 treatments a week for the first 2 weeks;
  • 1 treatment a week until the symptoms alleviate (on average 8-10 sessions),
  • can be continued by performing 1 treatment every week, but not longer than for 10 weeks,
  • in chronic pathological conditions, continue performing 1 treatment a week for a month, and then perform 1 treatment a month.


  • package containing 10 ampoules of 2 ml.

The product can be used< strong>exclusivelyby professionals.

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