Henna Krakowska black 10ml

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Henna Krakowska black 10ml


Product Code: 63AD-88505 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


Krakow black henna intended for professional dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes. It is characterized by long-lasting effect and color intensity after application. It naturally loses its intensity. Henna also has caring properties, improving the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes, and provides a strengthening protective layer.


  • henna for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes,
  • long-lasting coloring effect,
  • full coverage of gray and light hair.


  • Common ryeSecale cereale fluor – an ingredient with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • p-Phenylenediamine – dye with color-fixing properties.

How to use:

  • Mix the product in a 1:1 ratio with 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix thoroughly.
  • Apply the resulting mixture to the eyebrows.
  • After 3 minutes, rinse with water.
  • Be careful when applying, the agent may cause discoloration of the skin of the hands, it is recommended to use protective gloves. Henna may cause allergic reactions.

Available color variants:

  • Krakow black henna 1 ml or 10 ml,
  • Brown Krakow henna 1 ml or 10 ml,
  • Krakow henna graphite 1 ml or 10 ml.

Packaging: 10 ml.


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