Depileve Soft Pearl Wax 400g

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Depileve Soft Pearl Wax 400g


Product Code: D16F-922C9 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


Soft Pearl Waxis a product with a special formula, created for dry and sensitive skin. The appropriately selected composition allows the treatment to be performed on the most delicate areas, often with difficult hair. Titanium dioxide and mica have been added to the wax, which protect the epidermis after depilation. The effects last up to 3 weeks. The product is intended for application with a spatula.


  • professional hair removal
  • for short and strong hair
  • for all skin types, with particular emphasis on dry and sensitive skin.


  • Mica – an ingredient with light-reflecting properties, giving the skin glow,
  • Castor oil – skin softening effect
  • Titanium dioxide – an ingredient with a protective effect against UVA and UVB radiation and its harmful effects.

How to use:
Before starting hair removal, it is recommended to exfoliate the treated areas.

  • Put the container with wax into the heater and connect it to the power supply for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Cleanse and numb the skin with Lotion Before Hair Removal, then dry thoroughly.
  • After checking the consistency and temperature of the wax, apply with a spatula in the direction of hair growth.
  • Apply the strip.
  • Hold the skin below the wax with your hand and stretch it slightly, with the other hand tear off the strip vigorously in the direction opposite to the hair growth.
  • In order to alleviate the pain, after removing the wax, press your hand firmly to the area to be depilated.
  • Wax residues should be washed off with Post-Depilation Oil.
  • After depilation, apply Post-Depilation Milk to relieve pain and Post-Depilation Cream to prevent ingrown hairs.

Packaging: 400 g.


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