Brow Henna? #204 Golden Blond (Vial) 10ml

Product Code: 6380-702AD Categories , Brand:



Brow Henna? #204 Golden Blond (Vial) 10ml


Product Code: 6380-702AD Categories , Brand:

Product Description


Color number #204 Golden Blond is a very light version of henna in a blonde shade. During coloring, the product creates a golden glow, which ultimately turns the color yellow. It is recommended to use the color #204 Golden Blond in combination with other shades to obtain a subdued golden color.

It is important to make a mixture during the coloring treatment using professional ingredients, i.e. Henna Brown Xenna combined with Mineral Solutions water. Henna should not be mixed with boiling water, much less hydrogen peroxide. This negatively affects the quality and effect of the treatment performed.


  • eyebrow coloring dye with henna effect
  • coloring effect up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair,
  • full coverage of gray and light hair.


  • Lawsonia defenseless leaf extract – dye of natural origin, nourishes and gives shine to the hair,
  • Cocoa tree leaf extract – oiling, nourishing and moisturizing effect
  • Citric acid – an ingredient with strong chelating and antioxidant properties.

How to use:

  • Apply to eyebrows and wait 7-10 minutes
  • After the set time, rinse the preparation thoroughly.

Recommended connections:

  • #104 Golden Blond (70%) + #202 Light Blond (30%),
  • #104 Golden Blond (70%) + #203 Light Chestnut (30%),
  • #104 Golden Blond (70%) + #101 Neutral Brown (30%).

Packaging: 10 ml.


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