2in1 HydraBeauty mobile hydrabrasion

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2in1 HydraBeauty mobile hydrabrasion


Product Code: A32F-2859D Category: Brand:

Product Description


The device for professional HydraBeauty 2in1 Hydrabrasion

Hydrabrasion is often called water microdermabrasion. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated under the influence of physiological saline at a pressure individually selected for the skin type.
Saline solution, so popular in medicine (and often administered intravenously in the case of dehydration), cools the skin, soothes the sensations associated with exfoliation and additionally strongly moisturizes . Exfoliation of keratinized skin layers perfectly refreshes tired skin and restores its radiant appearance.

What distinguishes the HydraBeauty 2in1 device?

– 2in1 option – water hydrabrasion and water-diamond hydrabrasion,

– mobility and comfortable use, thanks to its small size (the device itself weighs only 2kg),

– low operating costs,

– expansion of the treatment offer in the salon – year-round treatment.


-deep facial cleansing,

-acne treatment,

-water and water-diamond dermabrasion,

-deep hydration,

-lymphatic drainage,

-skin rejuvenation: smoothing of smaller wrinkles, firming,

-increasing collagen levels.

The set includes:

– device,

– water hydrabrasion tips – 5 pieces,

– hydrabrasion tips water-diamond – 3 pieces,

– two cups,

– treatment head,

– drainage hoses,

– power cable,

Technical data:

-material: ABS,
-power: 100W,
-voltage: 220 -230V,
-frequency: 50-60Hz,
-maximum vacuum: -0.9 Bar/ -25 Hg
-dimensions: 28x12x16cm
-weight: 2kg.


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