WiQo Pre peel Universal 300ml

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WiQo Pre peel Universal 300ml


Product Code: 80CD-555DD Categories , Brand:

Product Description


The Pre peel WiQo preparation was designed primarily for deep cleansing of the skin before the peeling treatment PRX-T33as well as preparation before injections and laser cosmetic treatments. The product smoothes and relaxes the stratum corneum and adapts the epidermis to the action of active ingredients of cosmetic treatments. The acids in the solution stabilize the skin’s pH.


  • balancing the skin’s pH level,
  • deep cleansing, without drying effect,
  • prevents the penetration of makeup residues and heavy metals during injection.


  • Glycolic acid 5% – exfoliating effect and reducing visible discolorations on the skin,
  • Lactic acid 5%s – moisturizing and exfoliating ingredient
  • Lactobionic acid 1% – promotes active renewal of cellular structures, thanks to sufficiently deep cleansing of the skin from horny scales, does not cause irritation and is suitable for sensitive skin,
  • Citric acid 1% – an ingredient with strong chelating and antioxidant properties,
  • Phytic acid 1% – anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It inhibits the synthesis of melanin, preventing the formation of new discolorations.

How to use:
Apply to dry skin with a cotton pad or gauze before the treatment. Do not rinse.

Capacity: 300 ml.


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