MCCM ProteoHydra – 5 revitalizing and brightening treatments

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MCCM ProteoHydra – 5 revitalizing and brightening treatments


Product Code: 01OP-18685 Category: Brand:

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What are proteoglycans?

These are large natural molecules capable of effectively stimulating the regeneration of the skin from its deepest layers, that is, they improve the skin’s ability to moisturize from the inside. Proteoglycans are characterized by their enormous ability to retain water. In fact, they have the ability to capture up to 1,000 times their molecular weight in water.

Proteoglycans belong to cell membranes and the extracellular matrix. Age, pollution, sunlight, stress, tobacco (among others) destabilize these ingredients, which causes the skin to lose its firmness and wrinkles, so it is worth using a product with this composition because proteoglycans:

  • They give the skin elasticity, moisturize it and keep it moisturized throughout the day, which brings relief to dry or mature skin.
  • They give the skin firmness and contribute to radiance and good appearance.
  • They act as anti-aging agents and fill wrinkles.

What is the MCCM PROTEOhydra package?

The PROTEOhydra package based on a protein complex will take care of discolored skin that requires deep hydration, making the skin revitalized and nourished.

Package includes:

  1. Glycolic acid 10% + vitamin E and F (5 x 2 ml): Eliminates excess dead cells, renews the skin, leaving it more radiant and soft. Vitamins E and F help protect the skin against external environmental aggressions, help to significantly reduce fine facial wrinkles, providing greater elasticity and hydration.
  2. Proteoglycans (5 x 2 ml): Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and facilitates their elimination.
    Proteoglycans, due to their composition in collagen, act in the dermis, responsible for elasticity and hydration, stimulating connective tissue. Recommended for all skin types.
  3. PROTEOhydra mask (5 x 20 ml): Thanks to its nourishing effect, the mask helps to restructure cells and reduces the formation of wrinkles.
    It provides the skin with elasticity and firmness, repairs damage and provides nutrients for intense hydration. . The cells fill with water, giving the skin a feeling of freshness and softness.
  4. PROTEOhydra cream (50 ml): Due to its active ingredients, Proteohydra cream is a strong regenerator that moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes the skin, protecting it against external aggressions and ensuring firmness and elasticity.


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