MCCM Flash Peel 100ml

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MCCM Flash Peel 100ml


Product Code: 4567-312B5 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


MCCM Flash Peel helps reduce wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen synthesis. Additionally, it provides an immediate toning effect. The product is ideal for unexpected situations to immediately refresh and smooth the face.


  • toning effect,
  • wrinkle reduction,
  • improving skin elasticity,
  • stimulation of collagen production,
  • smoothing the complexion
  • refresh,
  • for all skin types.


  • Arginineproperties strengthening the skin’s hydrolipid barrier,
  • Lactic acidproduced by lactic acid bacteria; an ingredient that stimulates collagen production and moisturizes and exfoliates
  • Allantoinirritation-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Apply the product to the skin and leave for about 15 minutes, then neutralize it with a neutralizer. After the treatment, massage in a moisturizing and regenerating cream.

Packaging: 100 ml.

The product may be used only by professionals.

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