Dottore Sensitore Milk Make-up removal milk 500ml

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Dottore Sensitore Milk Make-up removal milk 500ml


Product Code: 8ADC-741A4 Categories , Brand:

Product Description


Dottore Sensitore Milk is a make-up removal milk recommended for particularly sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The product perfectly cleanses the skin and, thanks to the high content of Omega 3, 6 and 9 acids, nourishes and rebuilds the hydrolipid protective layer. An additional advantage is protection against the harmful effects of environmental factors. Sensitore Milk is perfect both as a preparation for cosmetic treatments and for daily facial make-up removal. The product is 99.8% natural.


  • deep cleansing,
  • preparing the skin for cosmetic treatments
  • make-up removal,
  • nutrition,
  • for all skin types, with particular emphasis on sensitive and allergy-prone skin.


  • Sweet almond oil 3% – moisturizing properties, improving blood circulation
  • Grape seed oil 3% – source of linoleic and oleic acid, nourishes, moisturizes and improves skin tone,
  • Sacha Inchi seed oil 2% –source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; regenerative properties, stimulation of collagen synthesis, reduction of discolorations, acceleration of wound healing and cellulite reduction,
  • Aloe extract 2% – strongly moisturizing and elasticizing effect,
  • Squalane 0.2% – obtained from olive oil, a component of sebum that creates a protective filter on the skin, counteracts the aging process.


Apply the product using a cotton pad, wiping the skin of the face, neck and cleavage.

Packaging: 500 ml.


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