Apis Professional Dermasoft Intensively Soothing Gel 200ml

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Apis Professional Dermasoft Intensively Soothing Gel 200ml


Product Code: BCEC-8379E Category: Brand:

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Apis Professional Dermasoft Intensively Soothing Gel recommended after invasive cosmetological treatments, as well as after treatments aesthetic medicine. The preparation is recommended for all skin types, with particular indications for sensitive and irritated skin. The properties of the perfectly composed ingredients of the gel mean that it has a soothing effect on skin irritations and helps maintain proper skin hydration. The product is intended for use in professional beauty salons. It is recommended to use the preparation during facial care treatments. The use of a neutralizing product is recommended when performing chemical peeling or acid exfoliation treatments.


  • soothing irritations
  • anti-inflammatory
  • cooling,
  • reducing redness,
  • regenerating,
  • moisturizing.


  • Dermasooth – a complex that improves the barrier function of the skin and the regeneration process by stimulating collagen synthesis; characteristic soothing effect and reducing skin redness
  • Silver ions – an ingredient with a strong antiseptic, regenerating and intensely moisturizing effect,
  • Arnica extract – an ingredient with a relaxing, regenerating and soothing effect; beneficial effect on vascular skin,
  • D-panthenol – action responsible for maintaining the proper water level in the skin,
  • Water lily extract – a product with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and irritation-soothing properties; an ingredient that brightens discolorations and has anti-aging properties
  • Hyaluronic acidmoisturizing and firming effect, an ingredient that restores the body’s water balance,
  • Hydromanil – deep hydration of the skin and regulation of the process of excessive exfoliation of the epidermis.


A small amount of the product should be applied to the treated area and then left to absorb.

Packaging: 200 ml.


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